Day 2 Morning Accomplished

The morning of day two of unpaid leave has been much more productive and enjoyable than day one. If I could win the lottery I would very much enjoy being at home. :):) Woke up at 6:00 am to get my sleepy 5 year old and dozzy 2 year 10 mth old out of bed and ready for school and daycare. My Hubby that normally helps when I’m working left early to get a head start on his day. I enjoyed my morning prepping the boys and making them a nice warm breakfast of bacon and cheese. Brushed our teeth and had a discussion about the importance of brushing our teeth. Than off we went. Dropped them off at their daycare debeccaseaux (  here in Orleans to smiling caring faces of Caregivers who have placed lots of time and effort into my children for the past 3 years. (I digress I just really appreciate the caregivers.) Off I went with my day. 1 st stop Starbucks thanks to my SIL ( I have a gift card to enjoy during my time off. Treated myself to a Cream Brule so YUUUMMMMYYY!! But was shocked to see the Christmas stuff out and ready to go. Honestly I feel this should be saved until after Remberance Day November 11th the day Canada Celebrates their Freedom and thanks the Veterans for their sacrafice. Although I see and know that we seem to just take this freedom we have for granted. Than off I trotted to The Athletic Club to enjoy 2.5 hours of exercise and chatting with strangers. One hour of Yoga (The exercise of mind, body and soul.) On a personal note this has helped me my struggles with my occassional sadness or negativity.  I make every effort to choose happiness and humor at all times even in tough situations. Life is not a bed of roses that is for sure.  I feel so LUCKY to have this time to focus and accomplish stuff I’d like done before Christmas. Thanks for reading.

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My Journey

Hi! To all my readers….if I get readers.  Today is the first day of a forced 21 day unpaid vacation from a contract that was to start yesterday.  A little about me.  I’m a career lost 37 year old who always thought she would accomplish great things. (OK slightly dilisional.) For most my adult life I have worked for the banking industry and enjoyed the contact with clients and co-workers…but became bored, jaded and tired of all the sales targets that I didn’t feel all clients needed.  It just didn’t make sense to me.  So an opportunity came up for a term contract and I took the leap!  Leaped right into be a collections officer…..and funny enough grew to love it and enjoy my co-workers around me.  We were all hired for a 4 month contract and all renewed to the end of March 2 weeks ago.  Now here comes the funny part….there is not enough work or the work is “assumed” to be arriving November 21st.  Yesterday at 3:30 received an e-mail inviting us all to a meeting to be told that an error had been made and that our services will not be needed until November 21st and if needed sooner they would call us.  You could see the upset in the Directors face and eyes and the shock in my managers face.  (Just to be clear it’s not my dream job, but I want to open doors to keep expanding my knowledge.)Since it was Halloween we were wondering if this was the trick.  But I guess such is life.  As a way to maintain my skills and focus for the next 20 days I decided I would blog about my adventure of unpaid leave.  My Goal is to get back in touch with my friends, head to the gym every morning, paint my house and read.  Sometimes the best times are the unplanned times.  :):)  Thank you for reading.

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